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Dongly Virtual Care is  a private limited company incorporated in order to serve the best quality healthcare products to affordable price for every individuals. Establishment is being for the poor people as our pure objective.





Dongly Health Mix Supliment

Health mix product development by incorporating the bi-product of Natural Organic Grains , Seeds, Nuts, pulses , Millets its Ingredients evaluation of analysis. Such that, wheat, Ragi, pearl millet, little millets, corn, jowar(white sorghum), chickpea, greengram, cashew, badam, BengalgramRoasted, Horse grain & peanut
Seeds &
Pulses &
More Ingredients

Detrmination & Validation of fine Raw Products

We were Engaged in strong bonding with our rural and remote farmers by setting up a mutual agreed standard of foods been served . Thereby ensuring a optimized raw products obtained from farmers at their determined price as market price.

Refining Standards Before roasting

Even though we brought up a quality products still there will be some mixture of non-identical grains, or seeds, may present due to storage and transportation leads such kinds of stones or other insects may be. In order to avoid those , filtering , refining is recommended strongly before proceedings of other initiatives as lead to the quality and hygiene produts.


One of the key quality in Pre production process is roasting up of grains and seeds, and millets, Except Nuts is essential and mandatory to ensure at the taste and moisture free and to avoid some raw flavours . And also the tendency of the products will not lose their originality of any kinds of their characteristics as well. So their by optimal temperature of roasting is important for each and every grains of products at different levels of temperature.

Grinding into Powder

  • It is important to the transformation of natural organic products of seeds, grains, millets, pulses into powder form without loss in their characteristics and minerals as they own respectively.
  • Ensure the blades and grinding stones be hygiene standards as prescribed by government standards and FSSAI of India.
  • There by on every batch and for each other products the tools and machines were completely sterilized before proceedings of grinding. Mixture of cardamom for flavour a pinch as well.
  • No Other Ingredients, No animal meats purely Vegetarian and organic Ingredeints only.

Packing and storage

  • As soon as the products been powdered and they will be kept in the separate container (it should be airtight) and also in order to maintain the freshness of each products.
  • At the room temperature the powder will be kept for getting into normal temperature which is obtained during grinding.
  • Once it back to the room temperature , it will be start up mixing up or incorporation of all the required ingredients with right composition will be measured prior mix up as prescribed below chard of certificate of Lab analysis report, based on that the quantity will be predetermined will be used .
  • The mixture powder will be packed in the aluminium foil packs or containers airtight,  depends upon the weight in respect of demands in the market will be packed and stored in the dry and cool atmosphere. Those packs already initiated with labels mentioned with all details of ingredients, compositions, manufacturers details, FSSAI license, Organic veg tags, Best before shelf life along with expiry date and all other mandatory and essential information  is be available for Government officials and consumers as well.

Take the real



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Nutritional Value UNIT Values
Moisture q/1 00q 1.91
Ash q/1 00q 3.08
Fat q/1 00q 4.92
Fiber q/1 00q 1.82
Protein q/1 00q 14.65
Carbohydrate q/1 00q 75.53
Energy kcal/100q 405
lron mg/100g 6.87
Calcium mg/100g 157.23

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